Visit Madrid - The city which lives the life

The capital city of Spain and a financial hub for much of Southern Europe, Madrid has enchanting cultural lifestyle that att...

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Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) Yoga is the new thing to try in Australia. It is a widely popular sport that can provide multiple benefits to your physical and mental health and have an overall positive effect on your personality.

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Top 10 Attractions In Australia

From the coral reefs and rainforests to scorched red deserts, Australia has everything that can make it a dream destination for any traveler. 

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Tourist Destinations In South India

The southern part of India is bounded on the west by the Arabian Sea and on the east by the Bay of Bengal. In the north you will find the Vindhya and Satpura ranges. 

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Some Amazing Books That I Have Read In 2015

It is said that reading is the common trait that every wise and learned man possesses. So, anyone who wishes to be any of these two needs to keep reading books to gain perspicacity of the world around him and beyond.

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Best places to party in Australia

Within a span of two or three years, the continent nation has turned into a  must-visit destination for the sheer number of attractive tour packages being offered. 

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Top 9 places to visit in Australia & New Zealand

The places shortlisted below are chosen by evaluating various travel reviews and features the places that are visited most by the tourists. We are sure that you will enjoy going through all the things you can do if you happen to find yourself here in this region.

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Top 3 To-do’s in Australia

Australia is not just about lazing on serene beaches, surfing exceptional waves, and tasting of world-class wine. We went road tripping around this vast continent country for a year and a half but only scratched the surface. We have come up with what we consider to be the best of what Australia has to offer.

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6 Tips for Solo Travellers to Australia

Australia is an expensive nation, and the expense of travelling around Australia can go out of hand if you don't plan your solo trip well enough. To offer solo travellers some assistance with creating their own adventure around Australia, we have come up with some tips.

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Finding out that you are not completely prepared for your travel just before you're ready to leave is an unpleasant feeling. This is even worse if you have already left. Here are some valuable tips to remember if you want travel without any ...

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From green trails around waterfalls to stunning coastal walks, we have come up with a few activities that will keep your inner explorer content during the winter.

These four trails are ideal for a weekend walk during the winter m...

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12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Australia

Right from the days of the sacred legends of the aboriginal dreams when their magnanimous spirits explored the rainforests, scorching red deserts, the coral reefs, Australia remained as the land of dreams until the present day, inhabited by some of the quirkiest wildlife on earth.  It’s a land of spectacular beauty and staggered contrast, bring the ultimate in adventure travel on this planet. 

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An international trip offers excitement about knowing new places, new culture and surely it offers an overview of life at different areas of the world. However, a successful international trip is the synchronization of various sub-factors at its perfect harmony. 

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5 Budget Travel Tips You Haven't Heard Before

Going out for a trip is the best way to spice up the vacation. However, nothing comes for free, and so is your vacation trip. Hence, you need to work on plans that will enable you to save your hard earned money, without cutting off the pleasure of going out to a trip during the vacation. 

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10 Tips You Need to Know Before Your First Cruise

If and when you are all set to take your first cruise journey, you may be confused with the entire process. If you are not sure where to begin and how to deal with this situation, the following tips will surely be of great help especially if it is your first time.

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Survival Tips For Holiday Season Travel

 If you have decided to travel during the holiday season, you should always expect huge crowds as everyone else is travelling too. 

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Smart Packing Tips to Travel Light

The significance of traveling light can't be stressed enough. An experienced traveler will never advise you to go heavy. Good travelers are judged by how light they pack.

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Australia - What Makes It Unique

Australia is a land like no other. The wildlife here is entirely different from anything around the globe. Many fly across the world to witness the Outback. It is only when you step foot on this continent that you will be able to contemplate how unique it truly is.

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Do You Procrastinate Traveling?

Are you waiting for the perfect time to travel the world? Waiting for the right time will turn your dream travel plans into a series of delayed and lost opportunities. We're all victims of procrastination at some point in our lives. We may sometimes be unaware of procrastinating our dreams, with our lives getting busier.

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5 Last-Minute Travel Tips

Most people believe that travel plans must be made well in advance to be both economical and make it happen without any hiccups. This is true if you don't know the tips to make the most of your last minute travel without overpaying. Here are some of the tips you can use to avoid overpaying.

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10 Useful Packing Tips

The most common dilemma among inexperienced travelers is what to take and what to leave behind. Experienced travelers know this all too well. Here are some tips and tricks from a handful of seasoned travelers that can point you in the right direction regarding light packing.

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Tips to Earn Money While Travelling

With an ever shrinking world and rapidly evolving technology at our fingertips, there’s never been a better time to take to the road. May it be a career move, a chance to follow your dreams, creating your own business, dabble in freelance work or a yearning for more control over your lifestyle choices, multiple options are available for the taking. The desire to roam around the world is on the rise.

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Going abroad, be it for leisure or business, can become an arduous task without the right kind of preparation. Whether you are a first-timer looking for guidance or a seasoned globetrotter looking for a refresher course, here is an essential checklist of things to be done in preparation for a trip abroad:

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When non-Aussies hear about Australia, the two most common images of nature that cross their mind would probably be the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru/Ayers Rock. There is no denying the fact that these two amazing natural World Heritage Sites are truly worthy of their global fame. But Australia is a vast continent chock full of lesser known yet equally spellbinding natural wonders. 

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Foreign Travel and Local Currency

If you're traveling overseas, chances are you'll need some money in the local currency as soon as you arrive - for a cab, public transportation or even food. Given the prevalence of ATMs around the world, it is usually as close as the nearest cash machine. If you arrive at a major international destination, your best bet is probably to find an ATM as soon as possible and withdraw some cash in the local currency. 

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Planning a Swiss Tour

 For those planning multi-stop tours around Europe, Switzerland is the most popular destination. Everyone knows that it has the most beautiful views of the Alps and very impressive cities, but there are also a lot of misconceptions. 

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Traveling With Your Dog

While planning a trip, do you consider taking your dog along? Traveling with your dog can be loads of fun if you plan all the right arrangements. However, poor planning can really ruin the vacation for everyone. Once you have decided that your best friend should be part of your trip, let the planning begin. 

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The Best Time to Visit Australia

Australia is a popular tourist destination among Westerners. Popular locations include coastal cities as well as other high-profile destinations including regional Queensland, the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest. Uluru and the Australian outback along with the Tasmanian wilderness are equally popular attractions.

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Exotic ‘Food on Wheels’ in Adelaide

Need to grab a bite on the go? Catch one of Adelaide's top food trucks if you can. Not just Burgers, Taco’s or Hot Dogs you have the chance to have an exotic meal from around the world. Italian, South American, Mediterranean, or Eastern European, you’ll get to savor these exotic dishes, not in some fancy overpriced restaurant - but out on the streets!


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The Wonders of Eyre

The Eyre Peninsula with its craggy ranges, wild seas, and huge sharks is pure adventure country. Australia offers a multitude of adventure experiences, and this is unquestionably one of them. The west coast of Eyre faces the Great Australian Bight and its wild seas. It’s rocky, rugged, with beaches at the feet of soaring red cliffs. Several such secluded bays like Coffin Bay, Streaky Bay, and Venus Bay host eponymous hamlets with plenty of tourist distractions.


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Kangaroo Island - More than Wildlife

Kangaroo Island is all about the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life on one of Australia’s largest islands. A noteworthy wildlife destination, where Australia’s marsupials have flourished in the wild owing to the absence of foxes and rabbits. KI is called ‘Australia’s Galapagos’ due to this large population of Australian animals.


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The Ideal Destinations for Single Women Travelers

If you happen to be a single woman and plan on traveling, one of these awesome travel destinations around the world might just be the perfect one for you.


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Why Travel Around the World?

Simply put, traveling is just a way of getting from one place to another. Most of us travel short distances as part of our daily routine; it's unavoidable. But long distance travel can be enjoyable in itself and also has a lot more to offer. Traveling is a great thing to do, especially in summer. Its a good time of year to start off on an adventure to see new parts of the world.


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The Best Practical Advice for International Business Travelers

According to several frequent business travelers - both veteran and newbie, the best list of travel tips is by bestselling author Dan Pink. Here they are, in chronological order.

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5 American landmarks Your Kids Should Visit Before 15

Though not a definitive list, these 5 American landmarks are a must for anyone, especially those under 15. Not only are these attractions majestic and informative, but they're also more magical when viewed through the eyes of the young.

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What To Do On A Romantic Holiday In Maldives

What epitomizes a romantic holiday the best? Be it a starry night on a private beach, excursions over or under water, historic and scenic walks, Maldives offers you choices galore. Visit Maldives for a romantic getaway - where all your passionate dreams are sure to be fulfilled.

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Making Travel During Holidays Less Stressful

According to experts, 50 million people are expected to travel at least 50 miles between November 23 – 27 to visit loved ones over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. No wonder since this is the most traveled holiday of the year. The heavy rush during holidays may be inevitable, as is feeling fraught. But it need not be so.


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This Holiday Season, Spontaneous is the Way to Go

People, it’s time to travel off the beaten path. You never know where such a trip can take you. Newer research increasingly shows that work and routine trump fun and adventure and it is indeed a sad state of affairs. We can’t help but think people are missing out on the best things in life.

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Five Perfect Destinations to Spend Your Winter Holidays

It's time to utilize those long stocked up leaves for a memorable vacation this coming winter holidays. Christmas and Kwanzaa are nearly here, not to mention Hanukkah, so grab the opportunity to celebrate your holidays at a novel destination.

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Let Insurance Take Care of Health During Travel

With the holidays fast approaching, there’s a good chance most of you will be off to places, be it a drive down to your grandma’s house or a well-deserved break at an international location. Whatever the reason, be it business or pleasure, most of us share a common worry – falling sick! More so during the cold winter and the flu season.

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4 Ways Traveling can Improve Your Health

This one might not come as a big surprise to you; travel is, of course, a great stress buster. That's the reason why “vacation” and “travel” are almost synonymous. Research shows that travel reduces stress, keeps your body healthy inside and out, and boosts brain health. And these improvements don’t just disappear overnight; their effect lasts for days and weeks afterward.

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4 Apps That Help You Make Money During Travels

Travel is expensive, period. Many people avoid taking vacation trips mostly due to monetary reasons. Not to worry, if you’re excited to travel but worried about finances, technology has you covered.

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The Wonderful Experience of Traveling Alone

The most obvious benefit of traveling is that it helps you meet new people. When we travel with companions or even just a partner, we tend to stick to each other. Even though you get to meet new people, the dynamics and interactions won’t be as engaging or meaningful.

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The 4 Best Underrated Travel Destinations in the US

When most of us think of places to travel, it's obviously faraway places and exotic destinations in Europe, Asia, or Africa. It's uncommon for people to think about traveling within their own country. So for those travelers in the U.S, here’s a list of 4 must-see places to travel within their homeland.

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The Many Wonders of Switzerland

When it comes to alpine scenery and quaint storybook charm, it's hard to beat Switzerland. The soaring snow-clad peaks, emerald valleys, glittering blue lakes, glaciers and lakeside hamlets imbue this picturesque landlocked nation with a fairytale wonder. And nestled among the mountain valleys and lakes lie world-class resorts with climbing, hiking, biking, paragliding and skiing at your pleasure.

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How to (Air) Travel with Toddlers

Handling kids is a chore even at the best of times, but trying to make your kids behave at 30,000 feet in the air is an absolute nightmare. Flying with a finicky toddler can be a daunting task, possibly the worst of any motherhood experiences. Not to mention your fellow travelers, who might not be as forgiving as you are.

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Why travel is often more than a journey

Travel is one of the best ways for one to gain experience in life. And touring with an open schedule to someplace where you’ve never been before is the best way. Life will show you a world of opportunities that you didn’t even know existed.

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The 5 Most Popular Natural Attractions of California

Deserts, Islands, Mountains and Forests, California has options galore for those looking to relax amidst pure nature. One of the United States' most famous and scenic national parks, the mountains, valleys, rivers and huge waterfalls of Yosemite National Park have been a huge draw for casual visitors and artists for long past.

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Six of the best places to eat and drink while in Sydney

Be it the trendy cafes in the local markets or the upscale fine dining restaurants, Sydney has a lot on its platter that makes the reputation for its food and drinks scene well deserved.

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Seven Travelers Tips For a Healthy Summer Vacation

Summer is well nigh, and most of us have our summer trips planned, whether a road trip, stay-cation at some resort or relaxing by the beach. However, holidays and travel can mess with your health if you’re not prepared. It’s easy to veer off track from the healthy habits that we’ve integrated into our regular routine. So, just as you would plan ahead to get a hotel, car and fun activities, apply the same planning to your diet and exercise while traveling.

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Tips to Enjoy a Family Spring Break

Spring break is a treasured holiday time for most families in America. The period after heavy snow and rainy winter has gone and the crowds hit the beaches and mountains for summer. Vacationing during February to April can also be easier on your wallet as well as easier to plan. Maybe this is the reason why you are more likely to find more families often with elder grandparents on a spring break.

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How To Start Saving For A Summer Vacation

Winter this year was witness to some unusually warm and sunny weather, but true summer is just around the corner. Good news is that there is still some time left to save for the perfect summer getaway. These tips can help bring your dreams of the perfect vacation to fruition, and without breaking the bank. Implementing a few changes can yield big savings.

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All You Need To Know While Traveling Down Under

Planning a trip to Australia?

Worried about visas, customs, climate and such practical travel information?

Don’t worry, We've got you covered!

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Advice On How To Survive A Summer Vacation With Kids

Mothers need not be told that an impulsive vacation means trouble. You've got to plan in detail, survival being the operative word. Even the best of moms can get derailed on vacation. So if you're planning a cross-country road trip or a long flight along with your little ones, the tips mentioned below will come in handy.

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The Case for Touring Australia by Road

Thinking of touring Australia or taking a road trip down under? Here are a few tips that will help you navigate across one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world!

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4 Great Summer Family Vacation Ideas

It’s all about family – and vacations they love. But it is not easy to combine the two. But often there are some fun holidays that hold a cherished spot in the collective memory book.

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Melbourne – A Heaven For Gastronomes

Though Australia is a destination famous for its great outdoors that lures in the adrenaline junkies, with its numerous adventure sports and attractions, its gastronomic side is also worth mentioning. Melbourne, though not the seat of Australia’s government is irrefutably the country’s culinary capital.

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The top unheralded travel destinations of Australia

We give you some of the most incredible places to discover Down Under. Some of the mind-blowing sights that drew 8.3 million international visitors to Australia last year. A few destinations that even many Australians, are likely to have missed out on.

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Explore Denver and America’s National Parks 2016

Nothing beats heading out on an exciting weeklong break from work to the fascinating National Parks of America - ...

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Africa - Tanzania


Known for its diverse wildlife and wealth in natural wonders, Tanzania has made its mark as a haven for explorers who simply love fun and adventure. For most thrill seekers and travelers,...

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Gardens of London 2016

The Gardens of London – A Floral Bliss

London certainly ensures that every tourist is spoilt for choice when it comes to its tourist hotspots. Majo...

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Borneo Family Adventures

A wonder called…Borneo

A destination with so much to offer, you’d want to come back again n again!


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France- Burgundy


Burgundy is a picturesque and prosperous French region that offers a heap of fun-filled and interesting things to do to its tourists. With its lush landscapes and healthy lakes, Burgundy has become a favorite destin...

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Hong Kong

The Best Sights And Most Celebrated Attractions In Hong Kong

With its pulsating ambiance, diverse culture and awe-inspiring skyline, it is no surprise that Hong Kong is oftentimes billed as the ultimate tourist hub in Asia. ...

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India - Varanasi & Rajasthan

India – A Visit To Varanasi & Rajasthan

Wits its diverse culture, fascinating history and wealth in natural attractions, India is a truly a vibrant and kaleidoscopic destination that can give you an unforgettable exotic ...

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New Zealand


Besides its diverse and stunning natural beauty, New Zealand is also famous for boasting some of the world’s finest culinary treats and most savory wines. As a matter of fact, a great number of Foodies and Oenophiles co...

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Croatia & The Alpine Countries

Discover Croatia & The Alpine Countries – A place for all tastes!

Croatia is a part of Eastern Europe that offers diversity to its travelers through its beauti...

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Italy - Tuscany Travels

Tuscany Tour

Offering a splendid array of gastronomic treats, Tuscany is truly a paradise for food connoisseurs. Each day, Tuscany draws hordes of visitors who would love to sample its fine and exquisite Italian specialtie...

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Vietnam - Hanoi & Halong Bay

Things To Do In Hanoi City And Ha Long Bay

After enjoying the vibrant sounds, bustling setting and beautiful sights of Hong Kong, it is time to set our sights on an opulent and reinvigorating trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. Formerly...

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After a successful ski conference in Japan 2015 AND 2016 we are keen to go again.


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Visit Japan – the land of myriad hues

A journey to Japan takes you through a fascinating mix of contrasts. From the powder white of snow to pink of the cherry blossom tre...

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Vietnam & Cambodia

An expedition to South-East Asia

Destinations which have so much to offer that one wants to come again and again!

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India - Goa

Go Go….Goa!!

For people of all Ages!

With the picture perfect beaches, lovely warm waters, and plenty to see and do, Goa presen...

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India - Mumbai

Aamchee Mumbai – The Cultural Mish-Mash of India

Mumbai is the second largest metropolitan city of India, after the National Capital Region of Delhi....

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India - Kerala Backwaters

Visit Kerala- God’s Own Country

If there’s any place on the planet that can get away with calling itself ‘God’s Own Country’ without sounding unbearably boastful and tou...

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