2 Exotic Destinations You Need To Check Out This February

The month of February is celebrated not only by lovers but also by travelers. Obviously, romantic destinations are the most sought after during the month of Valentine's Day. But there's more to the month than mere passion, and you need to keep a few things in mind before you start out.

Warmer-weather beach towns and islands, as well as mountain and ski resorts, typically tend to be expensive in February. However off-peak travel will have fewer throngs at popular spots, allowing for a relaxed pace. Visits during the off-season offer more time and opportunities to soak in the local culture. On the other side, reduced daylight (particularly in the Northern Hemisphere) and unavailable or closed attractions can be a buzzkill.

So without further ado, make plans to check out the two destinations we have for you.

Venice, Italy

It’s no wonder that Venice continues to be one of the world's favorite cities when it comes to lovers. Cobblestone alleyways, hidden bridges and beautiful canals traversed by gondolas make February a great time to gaze upon the amazing architecture, take in piazzas and palaces and stroll through boutiques and art galleries. Moreover, it's usually the region’s driest month as well.

If you like a good party, it’s best to plan your trip in the first half of February to participate in the Carnival, the mother of all parties, which continues through February 13. Naturally, it also tends to be a more busy month, and you'll need to pay accordingly.

If you plan your trip afterward, it can be as good as a time it gets for seeing popular sights such as the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco free from the maddening crowds.


While bigger names such as Kenya, Morocco, and South Africa garner the lion's share of attention, less popular Senegal is definitely worth adding to your Africa itinerary. It’s situated in the westernmost extension of the continent, with Sahara to its north and the tropical regions of Africa to its south. The capital Dakar sits on the Atlantic Coast with February being the coolest month in what is the dry season.

The must-visit attraction is the Island of Gorée, formally the largest slave-trading center on the African coast for centuries and now, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This mostly Muslim nation has several multicultural experiences to offer and is a major hotbed of African music. With star musicians like Youssou N'dour and the Mbalax sound hailing from here, Just4U in Dakar is recommended for its live performances.

Back in 1966, a wild bunch of surfers from California in the search for the perfect wave washed up in Senegal. After that, there was no looking back for the surfing scene. Senegal is rich with beaches, and the popular surfing scene rose to fame with the 1960s cult film "Endless Summer." The Petite Côte south of Dakar has a beach to suit every taste, from busy to tranquil.

The village of Toubab Dialaw is famous for its pristine beach and the thriving local arts while fans of global architecture should definitely check out the Great Mosque of Touba, arguably one of the world's most beautiful mosques.

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