3 Spots to Visit in Australia at this time of the year

April is one of the popular months of the year for travel in Australia, a month with typically pleasant weather that is warm. However, it's the holidays and think it’ll be annoyingly busy to visit?

If you're looking for a few places to travel to in Australia during April, here are our favorite Australian holiday tips to make the most of your trip.

Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Arguably the most famous natural wonder in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is a must visit and from those who know it inside-out, April can be the best month For vacationers in Australia to pay a visit.

April is one of the most consistent months in terms of weather in this typically unpredictable region of Tropical North QLD. The weather can range from mild to warm, with less frequent daily showers and days filled with crisp, blue skies. One can make plans for several activities on the water, be it for snorkelling and diving or simply relaxing.

Knuckle and Hardy Reefs are both sites that are both easily accessible. They make for some excellent aquatic exploration with hundreds of different types of fish as well as corals both hard and soft. In addition to traditional snorkelling and diving experiences, both these spots are equipped with excellent facilities to enjoy the reef up and close including pontoons, activity platforms, and semi-submersibles. The latter allows one to get close to the marine life without getting wet.


For those looking to travel to (slightly) cooler climes, can opt for Tasmania, Australia’s southernmost state. With a climate often comparable to England’s warmer seasons, April is witness to calm, sunny days followed by cool and crisp evenings all complimented by a lovely backdrop of Autumn colours.

While the capital city of Hobart is the most obvious choice for a base, visitors can also opt for Launceston. The city is an ideal, central location that provides access to multiple locations within reasonable driving distance.

Tasmania's second-largest city sports a charming, old-world feel with the waterfront district in particular having pleasant examples of historical architecture. The whole area is dotted with lavish greenery of parks and gardens, and has numerous quaint galleries and boutiques lining the streets.

The entire diversity of Australia’s Tourism is easily accessible from Launceston. While tours are available to all the nearby essential places of interest, those planning to stay for an extended period can consider hiring a car.

Gold Coast, Queensland

While the Australian Gold Coast is a viable year-round destination due to its remarkably consistent and sunny weather. However, the peak of winter will have you miss out on the many opportunities for watersports, and the extreme summer can throw up some uncomfortably hot days with high UV ratings. Due to Easter Holidays and the huge popularity of the Gold Coast theme parks, it’d be wise to plan for the end of April in order to avoid the peak holiday season in Australia.





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