How to behave perfect during travels

The word tourist is almost an abhorrent one now. At times, an insult and a judgmental, sweeping statement that instantly qualifies one person as inferior to (an)other. There are obviously no easy travel tips to help one avoid such branding in Australia.

A tourist is generally someone who travels as part of a group, following the well-worn path that covers the popular attractions, mostly with a guide in tow. A traveler on the other hand is more independent, find their own way and prefers to veer off the beaten track. Both are people that share a same common interest, leaving home to head off somewhere new.

It’s now escalated to being a problem of judging people based on how they choose to spend their precious time or hard-earned money. It takes the form of a snobbery that translates into a societal divide attributed to wealth. It also becomes a damning statement of the way your choice or manner of holiday is judged worthy.

Even though tourism related travel is a means of individual and collective fulfillment, it should be planned and practiced in a responsible manner. Remember that everyone has a role to play in nurturing responsible travel and tourism in Australia.

As a guest you can help instill this in many ways.

Politeness shows the way

Even though it’s not much practiced, almost everyone realizes the value of politeness when you're trying to resolve a conflict. It's even more important when everybody else is being rude. Being polite and considerate at times will get travelers in Australia the preferential treatment that the yellers won’t.

In this context, it’s also advisable to learn as much as possible about your destination and understand the customs, traditions and social norms. This will help you avoid any behavior that may offend the local population.

Respect and support

Your actions should be conducted with due respect for the local cultural, artistic and archaeological heritage. Remember that your trip can contribute to help the local economic and social development. Purchase of local produce and handicrafts under the principles of fair trade can support the local economy. Bargaining for goods if any should be conducted with an understanding of the fair price.

Be the Contrarian

Do the opposite. Go against the trend. When all others head in one direction, choose another. This approach can bring many surprising benefits in life, especially more so in the case of travel to Australia.

Have you ever not followed the crowd? When the multitude plot a course for the beach, head to the desert. When others eat out, opt to dine in. And so on.. In short, be a lifelong contrarian.

In these times of erratic weather and seasons that arrive early and leave late, this can throw up many opportunities for the adventurous travel in Australia. But you will have to walk the walk.

Dining in

It seems there’s an unwritten rule that when on vacation, you have to sample the local cuisine (read, eat every meal in a restaurant). Not necessarily. If one chances upon the right accommodation and the perfect grocery store in Australia, travelers can save a lot of money just by choosing to eat in.





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