Travel Tips - Sydney, Australia

The city of the iconic Opera house is widely considered to be one of the most desirable cities to reside thanks to the good vibes, culture, restaurants and of course the beaches. If you truly want to experience this city like a local, we have compiled a list of some useful tips to help you blend in and take in all that Sydney has to offer.

Get an Opal

By Opal, we don't mean the gemstone. Although for those looking for one will be able to find many stores selling them. Opal is a versatile public transport payment systems. This can be used on trains, buses ferries, and trams.

Ferries aren't just for Tourists

The locals genuinely rely on ferries to get to places. In most Instances, it is the faster way to get to places. With the breathtaking views that this mode of transport offers, it is a no-brainer. Get on ferries as often as possible. It is the best mode of transport through this scenic city.

City of Early Risers

Sydney is an early riser friendly city. Most Cafes open by 7 and some are even open by 6. There is a lot happening during this time of day in this city. From yoga to surfing, there is something to do for everyone in this city.

All Day Breakfast

As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Sydney has all the late risers covered as well. Most Cafes offer breakfast menu all day so go out there and pull an all-nighter partying without having to worry about finding breakfast when you wake up late.

Most Restaurants Close Early

Quite a few restaurants close by 9.30 so plan your dinner ahead of time by making necessary inquiries. If you happen to find yourself looking for places to dine past this time then you need to do your research and find places like Hubert, Bar Brosé, William Street that are open well into the night.

Shopping Closes Early as well

Shopping closes early here with most of them closing by 5 and just a few open till 7. Thursday is the only day shops are open till 9 so if you plan on late night shopping schedule it to a Thursday. In any case, check if a shop will be open ahead of time before you visit the store. You can do this by either calling the store or by checking their operational time on google maps which is accurate most of the time.

Bars Too

There is a thing called lockout laws in the center of Sydney. This does make a lot of people really angry and for good reason as bars in this area must close by 1.30am. There is a solution for those of you who want to party till daybreak. You can travel out of this lockout zone towards the eastern suburbs to find bars that are open serve your drink of choice all throughout the night.






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