Wondering Whether to Go it Alone?

When it comes to travel, there can be a lot of decisions to make. Be it the destination or itinerary, the budget and even the luggage, travel can at times feel like a never ending process of decision-making. However, whether to travel solo or as part of a group can be a particularly tough decision, especially for first time travelers to Australia.

To be frank, there’s absolutely no right or wrong answer here. We all vary, so do personal preferences and experiences influence one’s choice accordingly. It’s all about what you feel could be right for you.

Here are a few positive aspects for the solo traveler.

First and foremost, you get to enjoy complete freedom and independence. It can be a huge advantage of being in total control of absolutely everything. Though this might feel a bit daunting at first, you’ll soon come to appreciate the feeling of liberation that comes with it.

There’s no-one else to tell you how to spend your time. You alone get to decide what to do and what not to. No one will stop you from a random trek to the mountain on the horizon, savor some delicious street food or just while away time doing nothing at all. You’re in the driving seat. You get to make the decisions.

Travel solo, and your time is your own. The benefit of time can be a huge gift in life, more so while traveling. It’s very rare these days that you have complete control over your time. You have to deal with bosses, teachers, parents or friends who all take up your time, for better or worse.

With time in hand, decisions are simpler, with the benefits becoming clear over time. Aside from honing your ability to think for yourself and enjoying the self-confidence that comes with it, it also speeds up the process of decision making – after all, there’s no-one else’s opinions or ideas to account for.

It is much harder to reach a unanimous decision that pleases everyone in a group. Alone, this isn’t an issue, but an opportunity to develop as a person. There is no better tool for self-development than fending for oneself on an unfamiliar part of the world. Traveling is an adventure that causes priorities to change, personalities to mature, minds to open, increase one’s self-confidence; improve as a person.

Travel in itself has a knack of doing this, but doing it alone speeds things up and brings a new perspective. There’s that thing about being outside of one’s comfort zone and fending for yourself that forces you to develop.

The term “solo travel” can be misleading. Unless you choose to, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be entirely by yourself. Even though you may feel lonely on occassion, there is almost always somebody around. There are always new people, friendly and helpful whom you can connect with.

There are several challenges associated with solo travel in Australia and those are that which make it so powerful. Embrace the hardships and get ready to reap the rewards.

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