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For a more general information please check out the link to the local Department of Health Australia which has some great information on general travel health and requirements.

Department of Health Web Site

Medical Travel Companions

“Helping people achieve their travel dreams for both short or long journeys”

Medical Travel Companions (MTC) is a unique service that assists people with their travel needs from a local domestic or complex international journey. We recognise that there are a large number of people or families who choose not to travel due to a variety of reasons. MTC can remove this barrier and allow such families, individual and groups to realise their independence and travel dreams. Our companions are experienced Nannies, Nurses or Paramedics and have undertaken a rigorous selection and credentialing process. They have a range of knowledge and experience including: Families with young children, Families with elderly parents, People with a disability or Mental health issue or simply people who just need assistance and reassurance on a holiday or in transit.

Our companions are available on a global basis.

Key Benefits:

We offer Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Platinum Plus levels of service utilising professional, qualified and caring companions for those who would like the reassurance that someone is there with them every step of the way along their journey.

Travellers can engage our services for travel on all forms of travel transport including, Flights, Cruise, Tour, Private vacations or Concierge transport services for local transportation requirements. This may simply be to ensure ‘peace of mind’ and a safe and stress free trip to arrive in their destination safely and without difficulty.

Our companions are available to assist you to travel to your desired destination or even to stay with you for the duration of your entire trip. MTC is fully flexible and can tailor a solution to suit your particular travel needs. Our companions provide friendly and caring assistance to travellers such as:

  • Families
  • Elderly
  • Disabled
  • People recovering from illness or surgery
  • Insurance recovery
  • Patient discharge
  • School groups
  • Sporting Groups
  • Children needing assistance
  • People with a psychological condition.

Or it could simply be a case of a person travelling on their own who requires a trusted companion to accompany them on their travel journey.

Key benefits of our Travel Companions include:

A practical solution for travellers who require a professional to assist or find it difficult to travel on their own

A team of experienced staff available to travel either locally within Australia or Internationally, often at short notice

Our medical travel companions are fully qualified health professionals (Nanny’s, Carers, Nurses or Paramedics)

All companions have undertaken a rigorous selection and credentialing process

We have a broad range of knowledge and experience within our team of qualified travel companions.


Support Travel

If you are thinking about travelling and suffer from anxiety or perhaps recovering from illness or injury then consider a pre-travel plan. 
Brent will assist you with everything you need prior to departure and having you feeling relaxed and ready for the next holiday. 

Brent Couling is an Occupational Therapist with travel in mind. He is well equipped to assist you.

For more information watch the video and learn more. 
If you feel this will be of value then please contact us to arrange a time for Brent to see you.





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